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What is Access Control List and its types ?

It is a special kind of permission we are giving to the file system.

Think of the scenario when a user is not a member of a group created by you but still you want to give some read or write access, how can you do it without making the user a member of group, here ACL enters in the picture.

  •  setfacl are used for setting up ACL
  •  getfacl are used for showing ACL

–> There are two type of ACL :-

  1. Default ACL

  2. Access ACL

→ The default acl is used to set access control list on a specific directory

→ The access ACL is used to set permissions on any file or directory.

 Default ACL

  • setfacl -m “d:o:perms” file_of_ name


Access ACL

To add permissions for a group

  • setfacl -m “g:group:permissions” /path_of_file


To add permission for user

  • setfacl -m “u:user:permissions” /path_of_file


To remove a specific entry

  • setfacl -x “g:group” /path_of_file


To copy the ACL rule from one file to other

  • getfacl file> file
  • setfacl -M file_to_file


To remove all entries

  • setfacl -b path_of_file

acl_6 Conclusion: By completing this tutorial we had learned the technical integrity of ACL and its types.

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