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Server Setups done by Certified Experts

  • Server setup and deployment
  • OS installation via KVM, iLO, etc
  • Disk Partitioning and management
  • cPanel installation & configuration
  • DNS configuration
  • Services setup and implementation
  • Software installations and upgradations
  • Cluster Configurations
  • Mail Server setup and configurations (EXIM)
  • Database server / upgrades
  • Full administration
  • SSL Configuration and installation
  • Backup planning for disaster recovery
  • Installation and optimising Firewall.

Performance Optimization

  • Server hardware analysis.
  • Server software analysis.
  • Server health tweaks.
  • High Load management.
  • Optimizing web server performance.
  • Reverse proxy setup & optimization.
  • Apache , Nginx optimization.
  • Litespeed Setup .
  • PHP optimization.
  • Caching setup.
  • MySQL Optimization.
  • Website speed improvements Consultancy.

Server Migrations without Down Time

  • Existing server migrations and migrations from old provider, We do  quick migrations without downtime and in scheduled time with maintenance window.
  • cPanel to cPanel Migration capabilities with WHM Transfer.
  • cPanel crash drive recovery.
  • Server to Server migration with rsync command.
  • Full cpanel server restoration.
  • NO Migration Data Limits.
  • Root access suggested for migrations.
  • Cross-platform migrations like plesk to cPanel, cPanel to plesk, etc.
  • Instant support  on chat and tickets.

Complete Cpanel Server Management

cPanel/whm is the biggest source in Hosting Industry by which you are capable of managing the website hosting accounts and make related changes. By accessing cPanel services, the website owner can add or remove email accounts for the administration of MySQL database and some other factors. Cloud Minister will help you in managing the cPanel server by which you can control different types of activities and make lots of things better. For the Cpanel server management services, we have specially trained professionals with complete knowledge about these servers.


Why Cloud Minister is most trusted
CPanel server management provider

 Secured servers with automation and administration.


24x7 Smart Monitoring and Uptime alerts setup

Our team of professionals is monitoring the account of clients 24*7 by which we do not allow any issue to affect things for a long time period. Our main motive is not to create any disturbance in your work due to these types of issues. For such a thing, we put the best efforts for resolving issues when it appears. We setup downtime alerts via email for instant resolution.


Automated custom shell script deployment

We have custom shell scripts for general operations to monitor server and auto start of services incase it went down, we also monitor mail queue, server health etc with shell scripts and create custom on demand shell scripts if required.


Third party software installations

We do install third party applications which required to manage web hosting servers .For example we do antivirus install maldet and cxs , csf firewall , softaculous, imunify antivirus, cloudflare . We will assist you with all panel supported softwares.


EasyApache4 compilation with optimised modules and Multi PHP

Easyapache 3 to Easyapache 4 migration and installation optimised settings and multi php versions to support every  domain needs .


Disaster Recovery via KVM/IPMI access

Our professionals do not work on clients’ servers randomly. Our first priority is the client’s satisfaction and requirements. Before starts working, we consult all things with clients and want to know how they are going to use the Plesk server. It will help us in getting what kind of features you are using and not. We work on the server accordingly to fulfill the requirements perfectly. 

Our services and professionals are not limited to Plesk server management. If you want to access services regarding zPanel Server Management, then Cloud Minister is available for the services. You can show your consent and avail of the services as you want.


Web server Customisation

Server may went down many times due to disk failure , disk issue, abuse complaints , phishing complaints , we solve the issues an recover data from existing disk to migrate data on new server .

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