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It all begins with the domain name.

Registering for a domain name is simple. You need to search for the domain you want and follow the steps

A domain name for your site

Registration of a domain is the initial step in creating the website. The domain name serves as your address to your website. After registration for the domain name is completed, you can start a new website with that domain name.


Get a Free Domain Name With Our Hosting

You can register a domain name with our hosting and get it free. All you need to do is sign up for a hosting account, and we'll give you a domain name for free.

Here at Cloudminister, we are proud of our 99.9% uptime and 99.99% server efficiency. We produce it easy for you to get a domain name and start your website with us. You can easily register any domain extension you want - .com, .net, .org, etc.

Get a professional email address with your domain name

Undoubtedly, using an email address associated with your domain name is more professional than an unbranded email address. With the help of email hosting, it is easy to establish email accounts with your domain name and use them for your company.


Unlimited privacy protection for your data, always free

Cloudminister domains offer free privacy protection that protects your personal information by substituting proxy information on the open WHOIS directory. We also stop spam by using private emails for domain enquiries.

Furthermore, our Domain Protection plans include protection against domain hijackers and against honest mistakes such as accidental transfers and expirations. They also safeguard against unauthorized access.

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Points to Consider When Searching the Right Domain Name for Cloudminister

Keep it short

Although there isn't a set size for domain names, optimal domains should be between 2 and 3 words. Lengthy domains are more difficult to read and won't make an impression.

Add your name, Brand.

Your domain should have your brand name or other keywords related to your venture or business. Search results that include keywords in your domain name will increase your Brand's visibility and bring more people to your website.

Perform a domain name search

Before you decide on your domain name, you should check to ensure a different firm with the copyright does not already trademark it.

Think locally

Although most would prefer .com domains for their domains, you might prefer an extension specific to your country, such as .in or .ca in particular in the case of a specific country.

Examine domain name availability and act quickly

The most popular domain names are usually taken up quickly, So don't waste time for your desired domain name to go unnoticed. Use the domain checker to locate a domain that meets your requirements, and then sign up for it right now.

Check Availability and Act Quickly

The best domain names are taken very quickly, so don't wait to buy them. Don't let your dream domain slip away; use the domain checker to perform domain name search availability, find a domain that suits your needs and register it now.

Why should you register your Domain Names with Cloudminister?

Cloudminister allows domain registration at the lowest cost. Get instant activation and live support.

24/7 Support for Technical Support

We've made the domain search process and name registration as straightforward as possible; however, everyone needs a little assistance from time to time. Just contact us. Our live customer support team is waiting to assist you any time in the evening or day.

Trusted Domain Registrar

Many millions of people around the globe depend on Cloudminister as an registrar of domains and a web host. Cloudminister is an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)-approved domain registrar.

Instant Setup and Simple Controls

It's time for you to register and connect your domain to your site. Cloudminister will guide you through each step in just a few clicks. No technical knowledge is needed.

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Office 365 plan
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Frequently Asked Queries

01. How do I buy domain names?

Beneath are some steps you must follow to purchase domains:

1. Select a domain extension. The extension is what is at the end of the domain, for instance, .net, .biz, .org, or .com, for example.

2. Consider the name of your business or specialization you'd like to have to be on the other side of the dot.

3. Put the domain you're interested in in the box on the right of the page. We'll inform you if the specific domain is available and show you other domains that might be more.

4. Choose a domain, place it into your shopping cart and then check out. You own your domain. So long as it's registered by you, nobody else can use it.

No, Once a website domain is created, the address can't be changed. But, you can purchase another domain and then point it to your site.

Domains need to be registered with a valid registration period of at minimum one year. Once you have found a good domain, you may sign up for TLDs such as .com, .in, .net or .in for three years at Cloudminister.

It is feasible to set up automatic renewals so that your domain name will have your name registered. The first renewal is scheduled within a period of one or three years, depending on the length of the domain registration.

It is, of course. If you verify the availability of domain names and then register your domain name, it becomes yours. Not the hosting company's.

Moving your website hosting service to Cloudminster is easy with Cloudminister Transfer of domain service. We'll walk you through the entire process.

If you look up a domain on our site, we'll check to see whether it's still available. If so, then the domain could be registered. Once you've registered it, you'll be the sole person who can use it. It's not possible to purchase a permanent domain. Domain registrations usually happen annually. If your domain expires, you'll have the option of renewing it to ensure you don't lose your domain.

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