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Steps To Get Setup Your Business Online

Purchase a Domain Name

Buy a wide range of domain extensions (for eg., .com, .in, .net, etc) that match your business name, brand name, idea, and goals.

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Develop Your Own Website

Having a website gives your business and brand identity. You can start with a simple website and scale your business online.

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Select a right hosting plan

We provide the best and affordable hosting plans at the most affordable prices.

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Why go with the cloud minister?

We are available with lots of options regarding the domain names. Cloud minister works with experienced professionals and it makes us the best domain name registrar. Our objective is to provide the right domain to the clients.


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For getting success in the online business, the selection of the domain name is playing an important role. Choosing the wrong domain may be a big mess. Here, you can get suitable and useful results with the best domain services.

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Customer support

CloudMinister is a domain name provider that never leaves customers behind with confusion. We are always available for support. You feel free every time to call or contact suitable sources for queries. Our professionals are capable of providing solutions to all the queries effectively.

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Lots of options

With our services, the clients can get register their desired domain with ease. Whenever you search for a domain, our sources will present a big list with suitable suggestions. It will help you in choosing the right domain as per the business nature and requirement.

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Maintain privacy with Cloud Minister

CloudMinister is a domain name provider that never leaves customers behind with confusion. When you register for the services, then your data is going to be public. Here, the chances of stealing data and used it for the wrong purposes are becoming higher. If you are working with CloudMinister, then it is never going to happen.

Our professionals work by applying some proxy by which the complete private details become hidden. No one can steal any detail, and your domain becomes 100% private. After getting a domain, everyone is seeking beneficial hosting plans. CloudMinister is available with one of the best windows hosting and Linux hosting plans with lots of options & features.

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