Shared Hosting is an Ideal Choice for your Blog

Shared web Hosting

When you finally decide to go ahead with your blogging or personal site, you need to make various important decisions to make your dreams come true. Out of various decisions to take, selecting the right web hosting is an extremely important decision that you require to take before implementing anything. When you’re rising out, you should discover the various types of web hosting that suits your website niche.

If you are new in this industry and want to start your own blogging site, Shared hosting is the best choice. But why? To give you a clear answer about this “why”, in this article, we are going to describe each and everything that you need to know about Shared hosting. Stay tuned with us till the end to get full information.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared hosting is one of the most amazing web hosting opportunities that is especially meant for beginners out there. In Shared web hosting, multiple websites are covered and run on a single physical server. All the websites on the server utilize and distribute the space and hosting resources of a single server. This shared structure of hosting is uniquely fitted to the many necessities of new bloggers within their budget.

Whether you choose Linux Sharing hosting or Windows Sharing hosting, they both help you in achieving all your goals from pricing to security matters. Some important reasons to choose Shared hosting are:

  • An affordable opportunity
  • Gives more than enough resources to manage your blog without any hassle
  • Simple integration of plugins and accessories you require for your blog website
  • Scalable – as blog content and traffic increase, you can upgrade to the next layer

Benefits of Shared Hosting for Your New Blog Site:

Shared web Hosting

Tough Security Measures

This is the most important aspect that you must see in every web hosting plan whether it is Shared or VPS or any other. However, the cyber-security chances for a new website are minimal, and Shared hosting websites are extremely secure in the real world. The web hosting provider will give you multiple firewalls and security contours that defend your website at all times.

Cost-Effective Hosting

When you first start your blogging site, it is very obvious to have a low budget in which you need to do everything from hosting servers to website designing. Shared hosting is one of the most low-priced kinds of hosting. The basis for this is a number of websites are hosted on a particular server, which indicates that the expenses are shared.

Backup Recovery

When you begin with your own blog site, the content that you upload is really important and requires to be routinely backed up. Sadly, executing a backup and recovery strategy isn’t very simple. You need to choose the right web hosting services provider that can give you the backup and recovery plans to secure your website data.

Great Uptime

Uptime is the most crucial thing that shows how long your website is ‘up’ and working before going down, for whatever purpose. No web hosting company gives 100% uptime – it is totally impossible. However, with professional Shared hosting providers, you get uptimes of up to 99%, which is as necessary as you can get in the physical world.

Scalability and Adaptability

As your website expands, you are going to require more and more resources to carry on its evolution. The initial and significant hosting resources cover RAM, disk space, CPU, and bandwidth. Other applications like SSL, domains, control panel, email accounts, etc. are worth points to consider while updating/scaling up a plan. With Shared hosting, you can quickly upgrade your hosting plan. It’s just a matter of a few clicks and requires a few minutes.

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Other Important Web Hosting that You May Consider

Shared web Hosting

Not just Shared one, there are also so many web hosting services available in the market that give the best advantages to your business. Shared hosting is the most popular one but if you want to consider some other, here we mention some top hosting for you.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is a short form of Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is one of the most famous hosting services you can pick for your website. It utilizes virtualization technology to present you with dedicated (private) support on a server with multiple users.

It’s a more reliable and well-built solution than shared hosting where you don’t receive a dedicated server space. However, it’s smaller-scale and more affordable than paying for an entire server.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is also the best hosting opportunity in which a physical server (or servers) is assigned to a single business client. The client has full authority over the server, so they can easily optimize it for their individual specifications, including performance and warranty according to their own needs. The web hosting provider provides the physical server and environment, the associated services, and professional assistance.

Reseller Hosting

This is another preferable web hosting that customers love to use. Reseller hosting, in naive terms, can be assumed to be a service where you, resell or lease out your services to your consumers that allows you to make a profit. These web hosting services cover server bandwidth, disk space, CPU, RAM, etc. You can have 20, 60, or any number of clients depending on how much server space and stocks you have bought.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting delivers applications and websites that open using cloud support. Unlike conventional hosting, solutions are not disposed of on a single server. Rather, a network of combined virtual and physical cloud servers hosts the application or website, guaranteeing greater adaptability and scalability.

Managed hosting

Managed hosting is an IT provisioning paradigm in which a service provider rents dedicated servers and associated hardware to a particular client and maintains those systems on the client’s behalf. In this kind of hosting, consumers can lease accessories such as storage, dedicated servers, operating systems, network hardware, and system software.

Why CloudMinister is the Best Shared Web Hosting Provider?

Shared web Hosting

Cloudminister is the leading brand that offers Windows and Linux Shared hosting services to its clients with guaranteed 99.9% uptime. With our nearly a decade of expertise & perception of website hosting essentials, we are at a platform to give top-notch hosting solutions for organizations and individuals.

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Our experience of presenting the most high-grade services to many clients has encouraged us to gain advanced knowledge of web hosting and we never consider a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we offer customized web hosting solutions and packages for each client. Some notable benefits that you get with Cloudminister are:

  • The advanced functionality of Shared hosting
  • Free website migration
  • Free full regular backup
  • Enterprise SSD storage
  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee
  • 24×7 advance support
  • Free let’s encrypt SS


From the above discussion, we have concluded that Shared hosting is the best option that you can pick if you newly start your blog site. It will help you in getting the best ever advantages for your site within your budget. It is also worth mentioning here that if you want to get the full benefits of Shared hosting, you need to find a reliable web hosting provider. This will help you in maintaining your website without any hassle.

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