How to Migrate Website From One to Another Cpanel Manually?


Today we will learn about how to migrate websites from one Cpanel account to another Cpanel account.

Actually, this is really a very easy process.

Let’s see how we can do this:

first of all login into your old c panel account and download a backup of the home directory then go into your new c panel account and upload that backup here.

using this way all files and emails will be migrated to the new server.

Note: Don’t forget to create email accounts on the new server.

Now the only database that will remain to migrate the database there is 2 ways you can download MySQL dump from c panel> backup.

or you can create a fresh dump from PHPMyAdmin and then import it new server with PHPMyAdmin.

that it migration is done now just update name servers at the domain control panel and your website will be live from the new server.

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