Linux Reseller vs. Windows Reseller Hosting: #3 Top Tips

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An almost grand majority of website hosting businesses bring namely two forms of hosting: Linux hosting and Windows hosting. In the essence of the subject at hand, Linux hosting includes information regarding hosting under the basis of shared hosting, which is actually a widely used hosting service. Looking at the reality of things, with its low cost and versatility, Linux hosting has been objectified and used by a number of high-ranking websites.

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and Structured Query Language (MySQL) are both equally functional when it comes to Linux hosting, allowing you to run software like WordPress and Zen Cart. Windows hosting, on the other hand, functions using Windows servers and also includes Windows-main technologies for example Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL).

What is Windows Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting
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Windows is initially the most popular operating system established/operated by Microsoft. By being such a grand operating system amongst others in the world, Windows has a face-off with a web server that is just more popular if not more than Linux. Windows reseller hosting enables the Windows server as its go-to operating machine and brings forward specific Windows technologies.

Benefits of Windows Reseller Hosting

Windows has constantly broken down walls by making an array of changes towards easier use. In saying this, if you would actually like to develop and customize your windows-based applications however you wish, unlike Linux, there are a number of applications that do support the Windows applications. You basically have the freedom to run your server how you wish.

1. Simple to Put Together – Getting Windows reseller hosting ready for work can be done in ample time as compared to Linux reseller hosting due to its simplicity. Technical Knowledge is not a skill that many people acquire; therefore it would be best to go for a server that does not require so much time, energy, effort, and brainpower to bring together. Configuring the server’s operating system is serious work that will not take just any manual to teach you how to go around it in mere hours.

2. Up To Date Security- With Windows being generally up to date on all things concerning technology, there are automatic security updates to look out for. In saying this, you do not have to manually update or upgrade your security package to make space for the next and new upcoming type of security that you just happened to hear of from a friend, colleague, or the general news.

3. FrontPage Extensions –

For individuals that use Microsoft’s frontpage web designing program, Windows reseller hosting makes navigating across the front page simple and much easier to get work done and out of the way. No worry or even struggle when it comes to whether or not your server supports website extensions.

4. Ranging Support – A creation towards compatibility when it comes to applications was made by various web developers, but on top of all of this the applications were made to be compatible when it came to not just windows servers but servers alike. These applications are created to make the most out of the Windows server for your added experience as well as carry one another in support of functionality.

Disadvantages of Windows Reseller Hosting

A number of websites hold a high range of traffic as well as user activity which causes them to be at fault and end up malfunctioning. Websites prone to do this are usually eCommerce sites that actually use Windows as a hosting server. Therefore, it would be best to not consider Windows reseller hosting on a platform as such.

1. Added Resources – More resources will need to be purchased in order for the server to work at its desired function. This being said, additional random access memory as well as bandwidth will be needed but will just be the beginning of the addition to your expenses.

2. Performance- When it comes to how well the Windows server functions it has been said to be a little less than adequate and average. If you are in need of a fast-loading website then this may not be the ideal server for you.

3. Maintenance- Windows servers require constant maintenance as they are such grand operating systems that they are able to be at fault at any time. In saying this, rebooting the server is a constant fight for it to work properly which will inevitably lead to you seeking the help of a tech expert or better yet upgrading to a different server altogether.

4. Costly- Unlike Linux, Windows is more costly when it comes to issues such as maintenance as well as upgrades. The server has a certain need to cost more in many aspects of its use.

What is Linux reseller hosting?

 Reseller Hosting
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In a nutshell, hosting has to do with the renting out of hosting supplier companies in terms of their internet bandwidth and hard drive memory. Now for example, with Linux reseller hosting, let’s suggest that you have recently decided to take the leap in starting your own business in which you end up buying a web hosting service from a website that provides such services. Now with this said and done, you would like to further rent out some of the assets of said business to other users of the services or other users that require said services.

The end product basically is that you are now the host to a third-party service. Therefore, Linux reseller hosting is an advanced server in which millions of individuals around the globe are able to gain access to this secure and reliable platform.

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Linux Reseller Hosting – Benefits

There are a number of reasons as to why the popularity of Linux Reseller Hosting holds more depth when it comes to users as it has been said to be among the most effective businesses around the world. Living in this day and age, entrepreneurs have put aside all distractions to focus on putting in their time, energy, and most importantly, their attention in the development of this business to begin the growth of their own company. With its simple use and astounding low prices, Linux reseller hosting is just the beginning of the applications.

Linux hosting is generally cheaper than Windows hosting – With Linux being a wide source operating the machine, website hosting companies are given the freedom to escape the regular payments when it comes to licensing fees to engage in their services. Due to this, a series of web hosting companies are able to charge reduced fees for this service alone.

1. Security –

This is a top priority for countless internet users as they enjoy safety when it comes to the discretion of their information. When it comes to Linux on this topic though, one would be engaging in an almost lifelong bond from the open-source as the security is more advanced than basic. As it is open-source, the number of features tossed its way is large to none especially on the basis of downloading content. Multiple encoded languages work in sync on Linux unlike that of Windows. Languages such as My-SQL and PHP. In saying this, Linux has been developed to work simultaneously off of the database whilst managing security with no faults in between.

2. Simple to Put Together –

Getting Windows reseller hosting ready for work can be done in ample time as compared to Linux reseller hosting due to its simplicity. Technical Knowledge is not a skill that many people acquire, therefore it would be best to go for a server that does not require so much time, energy, effort, and brainpower to bring together. Configuring the server’s operating system is serious work that will not take just any manual to teach you how to go around it in mere hours.

3. Cheaper on the Wallet-

When it comes to the two above-mentioned hosting servers, Linux has been known to be more cost-effective than Windows. Both are affordable in their own right when looking through how much as well as how worthy they each are in terms of a long-term investment arrangement. Linux is mainly cheaper due to the number of features that have been added and need to be taken into consideration when it comes to the operating system as a whole.

4. Reliability-

Linux has the ability to become one and work in any condition or environment as well as being updated without any type of malfunction taking place. Reliability in Linux is the main feature that most users seek out when it comes to reseller hosting in specific as they usually want a long-term relationship and only be concerned with an upgrading instead of deletion and redownloading as well re-committing to a new application or server. With Linux being open-sourced nature, this has been viewed as a great advantage from its adaptations to multitudes of environments to frequent updates, Linux receives a tick in the box for being so stable.

5. Application Usage-

When using reseller hosting services, one needs to have an application at hand to assist in running the service smoothly. Linux takes the step forward in this case by having an array of applications that can be installed and get the job done. So simple, you pick how much of an application you wish to have and let Linux get to work for you.

6. Make It Your Own-

With this being said, most hosting services give you pre-installed, unable to be changed services or even applications, in this case, Linux, unlike Windows, offers the ability to customize your hosting server.

Linux Reseller Hosting – Disadvantages

Linux has many advantages, but when it comes to the disadvantages they differ.

1. Migration- In comparison to the Windows reseller hosting, Linux takes a great deal of time to switch from one hosting server to another. Keep in mind to experience a long wait in the future as this is due to the inner compartments of the processing system. With this being said, it would be wise to back up most if not all important data frequently as you really never know when you would need to upgrade your Linux reseller hosting server.

3. Development- Sadly, Linux and its services are not as developed as Windows due to its open-source software. Windows tends to constantly be forward in terms of development, with it being greatly evolved. Not that it is not as grand of a server as Windows but keep in mind that it is somewhat behind in terms of technology in the forever changing day to day time we live in.

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3. Compatibility- In this being said, one main issue with Linux reseller hosting has to do with its compatibility. There are a number of applications that Windows holds near and dear but sadly Linux cannot hold these applications. This can be viewed from the outside as a somewhat catastrophic issue if one is to have a company that needs to switch hosting servers or better yet, the access of applications under windows on completely different services online.

4. Expertise- The amount of expertise needed for the use of Linux reseller hosting is more than great as the servers are much more different as well as difficult in terms of use. Working with the command line of the functionality of Linux to having to edit a number of configuration files manually.


Each of the above-mentioned hosting options provides that same level of expertise. As a result, whichever type of hosting services you select is mostly determined by the technology required by your website. On the basis of Linux hosting, it is an almost excellent decision if you are interested in the overall construction of a blogging site with the WordPress application or the creation from the ground up of an online board utilizing phpBB. Whether your site, on the other hand, necessitates the use of particular Microsoft technologies like MSS, a recommended go in this case would be Windows as your hosting platform.

All in all, in a number of cases many individuals would recommend Linux as the better hosting server and the perfect default for your server, from its open-source workings to its cheap use it gets an A-star. But now that Windows is one to compete when it comes to hosting and has a few downfalls here and there, their initial advantages such as their easy use turn the tables for many.

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