InnoDB vs MyISAM : MySQL Database Engine

MySQL Database Engine

Database engines provide capabilities for MySQL to work with and process data

The two most common Database engines are MyISAM and InnoDB

  • MyISAM is a default MySQL engine version earlier than 5.5.5
  • InnoDB may be a better choice in many situations.

Here are the few more important differences that must be known to you….

  • –> InnoDB supports transactions whereas MyISAM does not.
  • –> InnoDB provides support for foreign keys whereas MyISAM does not.
  • –> InnoDB is suitable for large databases because it supports transaction, volume whereas –> –> MyISAM is suitable for small projects.
  • –> Performance speed of MyISAM is much higher than InnoDB
  • –> InnoDB supports row level locking which means inserting and updating is much faster as           compared with MyISAM.
  • –>InnoDB supports ACID properties whereas MyISAM does not.
  • Conclusion: Finally you will get the few differences on Innodb & MyISAM.

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