How to Configure CentOS Web Panel Through Shell

By following this tutorial you will configure Centos Web Panel on your server through shell:-

Before installing CWP, you must know the following information:

:- CWP only supports static IP addresses. It does not support dynamic, sticky, or internal IP addresses.
:- CWP doesn’t has an uninstaller. After you install CWP, you must reinstall the server to remove it.
:- Only install CWP on a freshly installed operating system without any configuration changes.
:- Need atleast 512MB RAM for 32 bit systems.
:- 1024MB for 64 bit systems.
:- Need 4GB RAM or more to deploy all modules.
:- At least 20GB or hard disk space is required.

Step 1 :- Install Wget Package.

# yum install wget -y

Step 2 :- Update your server.

# yum update -y

Step 3 :- Download and Install CWP.

Download latest CWP version with command:

# wget

If the above URL doesn’t work, use the following link instead.

# wget

Then, start CWP installer using command with maria db database:

# sh cwp-latest -d mariadb

Now You can login your centos web panel on browser with URL :-

Conclusion: by following this tutorial you will able able to configure CWP panel.

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