What is Email Hosting and Using It for Your Business


Web hosting is frequently mentioned as a means of getting your online web presence and into the larger societal streams of the internet. Although this is a crucial process, it remains with a key point unresolved: how could users handle your commercial transactions? There are numerous free solutions available, and they’re fantastic for personal use, however, on the basis of corporate email, email hosting is the only possibility. It’s simple to implement email hosting. It’s normally an additional feature that is preinstalled with your webpage that you can turn on or off when you’re building it. Additionally, you might use independent web hosting and email hosting.

What Is Email Hosting?

It is understandable how difficult it is to distinguish between the various online providers with which you must interact as a minuscule up-and-coming entrepreneur.

Email hosting is a different service provider from web hosting that makes it possible to create a personalized email address and enable it to respond and further exchange your emails. It is commonly added with a web hosting subscription. An email address would be the same as your website’s web address name.

Assuming a company’s web site’s domain is mywebsite.com, for instance, said company’s email address could be yourname@mywebsite.com. Your company will appear more sophisticated if you use an email address that complements your website. Email hosting maintains your email private and protected while also allowing you to view it from anywhere at all with a viable internet connection. Even though most individuals receive their email and web hosting within similar companies, you are not required to. One could have email hosting without a website, therefore indicating you are able to obtain all the essential services from whichever operator you want.

Which is the best email hosting?


Nearly every single firm relies heavily on email. Locally and internationally, it’s the simplest means of communicating. This is where you’ll receive your greatest essential alerts. It also provides storage capacity for safeguarding important data and sharing documents. Although it’s easy to choose an email provider due to product attributes recognition, it’s critical to consider all of the available alternatives prior to investing in a platform that will become your business’s greatest utilized service. The finest emailing hosting provider should not only allow you to transmit and access data with your own domain with confidence, but it may also give other features for your business, including such linked acquaintances and agendas.

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Rackspace – For businesses that only want email hosting and need the ideal email hosting solution. If all businesses truly desired email hosting, paying extra for all of the additional features isn’t worth it. Rackspace might be a good option in that instance. Email hosting and Hosted Transfer are other excellent choices from Rackspace.

Rackspace’s fundamental hosted email solution includes all of the essentials for managing email, appointments, and relationships for your organization. Rackspace’s webmail software allows you to enable all available services, or you can integrate it with your favorite computer or even mobile email clients. The most fundamental subscription includes simply the functions you require, while relatively high subscriptions include services such as online storage and text messaging.

Rackspace furthermore provides hosted applications such as Microsoft Exchange for even more advanced email services with push email, shared calendars and relationships, and archive capabilities. It’s a low-cost alternative to operating Exchange on your own servers, with none of the maintenance or installation headaches.

Greatmail – Using two or more variables in subscription levels, Greatmail includes adequate email hosting and unique domain addresses.

Their Regular program charges $1 per month per mailbox and includes 10GB of storage space. This is a stripped-down service with developed spam prevention, a webmail program, and POP3/IMAP connections for linking to your email program.

Greatmail’s Groupware package adds a few extra features, such as shared calendars and relationships, as well as 25GB of storage per inbox. It generally operates with just about any email client that accepts POP or IMAP standards and Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), which allows individuals to take part in the email, schedule, and connections from the computer or smartphone device.

It is a really simple service unless that is all you require, it’s ideal. It is also among the less priced email hosting providers on this ranking due to a complete absence of added capabilities. For reduced pricing when it comes to email hosting featuring minimum capabilities, the leading email hosting provider would be Great email.

G Suite – For convenience and to maintain all of that is a part of the cloud, the finest email hosting option is Google’s G Suite is really the greatest option regarding email hosting when your company chooses cloud-based technologies.

Brought about from Google, G Suite has been Google’s answer in upstaging Office 365, integrating email hosting alongside Google’s core teamwork and networking software. The G Suite membership includes a minimum of 30GB of data capacity per user (infinite space is available on relatively high options), along with other shared connections and appointments. Furthermore, Gmail’s latest layout also allows you to check your schedule without ever exiting your inbox. Google’s administrative features are also straightforward to use, and they’re getting more sophisticated options, including such as Google Vault for regulatory archiving. And because your staff has become familiar with Gmail, recruiting will be simple.

Office 365 – Should your workers use Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to complete their tasks, Office 365’s Business Premium package is undoubtedly the right choice for email hosting.

Every one of the capabilities you may require from a hosted email service—email forwarding and getting registered domain addresses, as well as trash and information leakage prevention—come together in Office 365 Business Premium, including the Office apps your staff uses every day at the workplace. Users gain hosted email and online, computer, and smartphone access to Microsoft’s Word, Excel, Skype, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote apps with just one subscription and finally, OneDrive. Office 365 Business Premium further allows your company exposure to several of Microsoft’s innovative professional products, such as Microsoft Teams which is a collaborative messaging tool, Yammer which is an intranet social media platform, as well as Microsoft Planner, as well as the regular Office apps. To summarize, this is generally a great hosting service when it comes to businesses that utilize a number of Microsoft applications.

The primary decision you must consider while looking for the email hosting is how you will handle your email. There are 3 primary alternatives available to you:

Shared Web and Email Hosting – The vast majority of web hosting companies also provide email hosting. Unless you launch your business with a company such as In Motion, for instance, one may also hold your email elsewhere. Email hosting is frequently supplied complimentary with the web hosting service.

Self-Hosted Email – Rather than using a third-party service, you can manage your very own email whether you have your own personal server or not. Whilst self-hosting gives you more freedom and visibility, it also has drawbacks. Third-party hosting is frequently the viable choice due to the additional expenses of computers and project analysts to operate them, as well as the issue of preserving your email from transforming to designated spam.

Third-Party Email Hosting – Unless you require additional services unlike those offered by your web server, consider using a hosted email service. One can sidestep the fees of self-hosting by using a third-party email host. Furthermore, a hosted email service membership generally includes extra features you’ll have to operate your business, such as Shared connections and appointments, designed conference calls, corporate messaging, and many more are just a few of the features available.

Do you need hosting for a business email?


The domain name of a corporation (i.e., @yourcompany.com) should be included in a good business email address. This is how you may convey efficiency and portray your firm as a reputable and also great operation.

Among the first things typical new companies’ entrepreneurs take is to register a domain name for their online exposure. This is how consumers locate a business on the internet, and it’s an important aspect of brand recognition. This is a squandered chance for some large corporation owners to not establish a domain email address. It’s a simple error to make when you already have most of the promotional potential of a commercial domain name but utilize a gmail.com or outlook.com email address.

Using hosting for a business email will help to establish the following well-needed criteria for said business exposure and necessary expansion:

Ethics in all Projects – Selecting whether you would prefer a business domain email and complimentary email is monochrome, unlike most other business practices. Should you desire to present your organization as respectable, you should use a business domain email address.

Utilizing an email account that is not paid for in any way for professional reasons is a dreadful error, thus happening is mainly about dodging the consequences.

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The email addresses below are able to show the difference in which it shows the most professional email against the least professional email?




Clients and potential clients will ponder the thought if your company is mainly a side project than a genuine corporation if you use a Gmail account.

Individuals get the assumption that one may actually carry their business with the utmost level of importance and have established a dedicated line of communication to manage their business through their clients when you use a business domain account.

Make Yourself Unique among the Crowd – Utilizing a cheap email address for professional reasons is unprofessional. It’s a well-known fact. However, there will always be a few businesses that missed the message. One could set themselves apart from the fewer informed rivals by using a business domain email address. You may just have found out how to contact customers in order to develop new revenue, however, their use of a freebie email account would raise doubts over how hard they work when it comes to their company. Many consumers will switch on to a major company after seeing that general email address—one such as this, which has a good presence and a domain email address.

Accessibility – Should you build up your online reputation through the business email account utilizing Yahoo, for instance, and then choose to switch to Gmail, you’ll need to update your business email address and attempt to notify all of your users. Certain people will ignore the notice, and if they want to contact you through using a former email address, you’ll forfeit them as clients. This isn’t an issue with a business domain email address. It is transportable. Due to your very own domain name, one may change to a new hosting provider at any time. You could even carry your domain email address with you to the new hosting provider.

Privacy – Should you ever use a complimentary email service such as Microsoft or even Google, one element that surrenders is your anonymity. Whenever the web host saves your company email, this isn’t the situation. Whereas Google may compel users to subscribe to a user agreement that restricts your email confidentiality, the contract you sign using your hosting provider works in the opposite direction, ensuring rock-solid safety and confidentiality to your business email. The real question in maintaining your privacy is to step aside and evaluate whether you feel more comfortable saving your work email: on a server to which you have zero influence or on one which you pay to support in feeling secure?


Email hosting does not have to be difficult. It’s actually rather straightforward if you grasp the differences amongst the many variations of internet hosting services and the various email hosting possibilities.

Users may research the market to further educate about all of the email hosting services provided and choose one that is a suitable fit for your company’s needs. There’s a corporate email alternative known globally for businesses, whether one would prefer all of the online services from a single provider unless the said business has a preferred email hosting provider that’s independent of the usual web host. Email hosting is typically simple to actually build, and one can never have to compromise for a package that lacks the features and functionality you require.

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