COVID-19: How To Save Money With Cheap Web Hosting Plans

How To Save Money With Cheap Web Hosting Plans In This Crisis?

COVID-19 appears as a crisis all over the world. It sets up lots of barriers to the success path for all types of businesses. Due to it, everyone wants to save money as much as they can. Similarly, they are trying to find out the best and cheap managed web hosting services for saving money with quality services. Cloud Minister can help you here with full professional support and services.

What Is Web Hosting?

With web hosting services, you can set up a fully functional website on the World Wide Web. For such a service, you need to contact the web hosts (web hosting service providers). The host will help you by providing a space on their server for running the website freely and as you want. In consideration, they will charge money as per the rent or fee of the services.

There are different types of web hosting options available, you should pick the suitable one as per the requirements such as – dedicated hosting server, shared hosting, reseller hosting, and so on.

Tips for saving money

If you are wandering for saving money by availing of cheap hosting services, then here you can get some major tips.

1) Apply coupon codes


Some sources are offering different types of coupon codes for providing a discount. Mainly these codes are generated with the combination of some specific numbers and letters. All codes are associated with some terms & conditions and some benefits such as – reduce the payable amount at high rates. There are many companies providing coupon codes for the satisfaction of clients. You can grab such a code and apply it while making a final payment. It will help you in saving a big amount of money and get hosting at lower rates.

2) Shared web hosting


As we discussed previously, there are various kinds of web hosting plans available. In case you are at the initial stages of running a small business, then you do not need to invest money in dedicated servers. Here, you can go with the option of shared web hosting. In the shared web hosting, you don’t have a complete server, you will get a space on a common server that is also used by some others. You do not need to worry about security and other measures. All these things are under the control of the hosting provider. It will help you in availing of low-cost server management services easily.

3) Get the domain name

For creating your website, it is important to have your domain name. It is also helpful in availing of some special services or benefits. Some companies are providing the services of a free domain name if you are going to get both domain name and hosting from them. It will help you in reducing a big portion of the overall payable amount. These relaxations are going to be provided for the first year. In case of renewal, you cannot avail of such a service.

4) Choose a plan carefully

Before making any decision regarding the selection of a service plan, you should figure out the requirements. The requirements can help you in figuring out what you want for a website. If you do not pay attention to needs, then you may add some extra stuff to the cart. These things are leading to higher expenses only.


5) Try to get the plan for a long period


Almost everyone is interested in getting fully managed web hosting only for one year. Here, they are completely ignoring the importance of spending on plans for a long period. If you are going to buy hosting for a long period instead of only one year, then you will get some extra discount. It will help you by reducing hosting on an average basis.

6) Be a part of the hosting affiliate program

Joining an affiliate program can be a smart decision. In case you get success in carrying the affiliate program perfectly by selling services, then you will get lots of advantages. The biggest advantage is getting website hosting free or at lower prices for their promotions. If you face failure in bringing conversions, then you are not able to grab such a big reward and associated factors.

7) Avail special day offers

The companies are providing some discounting offers during special days such as – occasions, festive seasons, and so on. You should be alert and any such kind of event is about to come, then you should wait for a while. Keeping patience and waiting for a time, will help you in saving a big amount of money. During these days, you can get the maximum discount possible.

8) Ask for relaxations

When it comes to the renewal of hosting plans, then the options of relaxations are very less. If you want to avail yourself of low-cost server management services, then you should consult with a service provider. Here, you should ask them for some relaxation or discounts on the services. It can lead to a great impact on the payments and helps you in saving a good amount of money.

These are some major facts by which you can get success in saving money by availing of the cheap web hosting services. For all these things, you should try to check out several elements. The most important one is the web hoster. In case you are not dealing with the best service provider, then it doesn’t matter how much money you saved. A bad service provider may become a reason for several issues in the website functionalities.


Tips for choosing the best web hoster

1) Features

Firstly, you are required to check out the features that you will get with the services. The features are going to make things easier by eliminating complicacy. With it, you should check out the server features and make sure that the services are suitable or not such as – how many domains you can host on a server at a time, is it safe for running an eCommerce platform, and so on.

2) Control panel

The Control panel is the most important element by which you are capable of managing the web hosting services and some other factors. A good web hosting company provides a control panel with the addition of a user-friendly interface. Consequently, it will be easier to understand all facts easily and manage the hosting account quickly.

3) Payment options

The selection of the best web hosting company can be based on the payment details. Firstly, you need to check out all types of plans and its prices offered by the company. A similar thing you should figure out related to some other companies. It will assist you in comparing different Self-managed web hosting plans. While making a final decision, you should focus on all elements such as – bandwidth, upgrades, first-year plans, and renewals.

4) Support

Customer support is the biggest factor that cannot be ignored. You should check out the company is providing 24*7 professional support or not. The best web hoster has lots of options for availing the support services like – contact us form, email, direct call contact, and live chat. Support is useful in clearing some basic queries and troubleshooting small issues quickly.

5) Data backup

While availing the web hosting company, the biggest element is related to the website data. You should choose the services that are associated with the facility of regular data backups. It will help you in the recovery of websites in case of disasters and some other major issues.

6) Testimonials

You cannot ignore the importance of testimonials. It will be useful in figuring out what kind of services are provided by the company to the previous customers. If you will get positive reviews and higher ratings, then it is good to choose the company. In case you find anything wrong, then do not forget to inspect all details and then make a final decision.

Having low-cost server management services is not enough during this COVID-19 crisis period. You need to be more specific while choosing the best hoster. These points will help you in comparing and inspecting all options. We at Cloud Minister are working for the client’s satisfaction only and provide high-quality server hosting services at minimal possible prices.


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