Benefits of the Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting Plans

Windows Reseller Hosting

The demand for having a website for business growth is increasing day by day and especially after the year 2020’s Covid -19 pandemic situations. Every businessperson now needs a website as the face of their business so that they can stand in this digitally transforming world.

The main motto of having a website is to provide the best services to the users with great efficiency without any trouble that also have a good user experience. And when it comes to giving the best web experience to the users, web hosting plays an important role that nothing can’t replace. Web hosting server is considered as the heart of the website and if you have selected a suitable web hosting service, then you win half of the race.

Among all the web hosting plans available in the market, Windows reseller hosting is the most preferred one by many industries. Reseller web hosting is a huge hosting platform that arrives with a collection of extremely reliable and adaptable resources. When you pick the Windows operating system for hosting your online business with the reseller plans, it is known as Windows reseller hosting.

Windows reseller hosting is the best one that has more economic bandwidth and hard disk space which could be further resold into sub-packages or system packages to the customers from central hosting packages. If you choose reseller Windows hosting for your website, then you make an ideal choice and if you want the best web hosting provider website, Cloudminister is the best place.

Here in this article, we are going to give you comprehensive knowledge about Windows reseller hosting plans. So have a look at them.

Top Features that You Only Get in Windows Reseller Hosting Plans

Windows Reseller Hosting

1. Fully Managed Accounts

One of the most notable features that this reseller hosting provides is its maintenance services. You need not have stress out for managing different accounts of your hosting as Windows reseller hosting offers a fully managed platform and hosting account.

2. Advantage of Plesk Control Panel

The Plesk is a well-known and robust control panel that has various goodies incorporated with it. With Windows reseller hosting you can get the best and strong control panel that easily maintains your website’s server settings. You can also make modifications according to your site needs without any trouble.

3. Unlimited FTP Accounts can be Obtained

When you opt to choose the Windows reseller hosting plan from Cloudminister, you will get ease of access to unlimited FTP (file transfer protocol) accounts. With this feature, you can easily transfer files over a large network between the clients and the server. It is basically used for making a secure file transfer from one point to another on the server.

4. Access to Free Host Transfer

Transferring the domain of your site to another one is quite an important feature that you must observe in any kind of hosting service. With a Windows reseller hosting plan, you can get the authority to transfer your domain from one site to another without any hassle. You just have to click a single button, and the site will transfer successfully.

5. Offers Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP benefits you in various ways to locate your website over a wide network through the site URL. With the Cloudminister Windows hosting reseller plans, you can get access to the best opportunity to host your site on a solely devoted platform and dedicated IP Address. Hence, you can recognise your website over the network or among the billions of websites utilising your site URL.

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Key Benefits of Choosing Windows Reseller Hosting Plans for Your Website:

Windows Reseller Hosting


  • Suits in Your Budget


When you think about starting your own website, it is quite obvious to consider your budget as an important factor. But with Windows reseller hosting you can relax in this. All the Linux panels are open in Windows along their own panels are also involved. Along with this, you can also move your Linux-hosted site to Windows easily. This makes this hosting plan more cost-effective as compared to another hosting.


  • Offers Robust and Attractive Features


As we discussed in the above section, Windows reseller hosting has really attractive yet strong features that definitely give you the best ever services. It is packed with an easy-to-use interface that can be effortlessly accessed by both beginners and advanced users. Furthermore, Windows hosting enables you to control various applications, no matter what language it is composed of.


  • Vast Maintenance and Support Services


Maintenance and support services are the most important things that every web hosting provider should give to their users. Windows reseller hosting itself has many essential support services from multiple Windows components. So you don’t need to take tension for this.


  • Microsoft Applications Adaptability


Another most notable benefit of Windows hosting is its compatibility with the Microsoft applications. Microsoft owns Windows, so it is fitted with various Microsoft apps and software. This acquaintanceship with Microsoft applications and tools lets web developers build their websites quickly, interactively, and efficiently.

Cloudminister – The Leading Windows Reseller Hosting Plans Provider Agency

Windows Reseller Hosting

Cloudminister is a well-known brand that provides the best web hosting services in India. They offer the best-in-class Windows reseller hosting plans that will help you to boost your online visibility with utmost efficiency. With our reseller hosting plans, you can get access to high RAM, huge bandwidth, high Uptime, and much more things in a very budget-friendly way.

We are also devoted to giving dedicated and private support for hosting your business according to your convenience. In short, if you opt to get the Windows reseller hosting plan from Cloiudminiter, you will have the utmost benefit in your business in terms of high and effective website performance.

Reasons to Choose Windows Reseller Hosting Plans from Cloudminister

If you choose Cloudminister as your web hosting provider, you will get plenty of good reasons that showcase our potential. There are only a few Web Hosting providers present in the market that offer the best in class services to their clients in a very budget-friendly way but without reducing the quality features and fortunately, Cloudminister is one of them.

Let’s have a glimpse of some privileges that you get by choosing us as your web hosting partner:
  • Offer top-notch web hosting assistance
  • 7 days money-back guarantee
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Standard and exceptional security measures
  • 24*7 professional and customer maintenance
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free full weekly backup
  • High Bandwidth
  • Gives adaptable and scalable support
  • Most genuine network infrastructure
  • Free migration services
  • Most excellent hosting that takes care of your pocket
  • Whole root-level control
  • Inbuilt security applications like firewalls

Comparison Between Windows Reseller Hosting and Linux Reseller Hosting Plans

Now, let’s examine some important differences between the Windows and Linux reseller hosting plans, based on different requirements and factors.


  • On the Basis of Stability


When it comes to stability, reseller hosting is the most known one and both Windows and Linux plans will give utmost stability. Windows gives durability to a great extent. Also, Linux has the capacity to accommodate any situation and you can update and create the reseller hosting plan based on your requirements.

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  • On the Basis of Configuration


Configuration is the most essential part considered for installing any reseller hosting services. If you want a hassle-free configuration process, it is suggested to opt for Windows reseller hosting as it is considerably less complex than Linux. It only demands a few minutes with Windows, whereas Linux configuration could reach for a few hours.


  • On the Basis of Budget


If you have a tight budget and want to invest in hosting services, you can choose any reseller hosting plan. Both of these hosting plans are budget-friendly. Though you must always keep in mind that you may require to spend a little more for Windows as the operating system and the features are not always free to use.


  • On the Basis of Customisation


The most essential difference between the two kinds of hosting plans is the possibilities for customisation. Though both the hosting plans offer customisation, the features given by Linux are more adaptable than that of Windows. Usually, Linux reseller hosting is preferred by developers or admins. On the other hand, if you don’t need to become an admin or if you aren’t a developer, you can simply go for a Windows reseller hosting plan.


  • On the Basis of Applications


Various hosting services present different features for application connection. Linux (due to its open-source environment) gives higher applications adaptability as compared to Windows. However, this depends mostly on the user’s needs like – how many apps do you desire to install on the server? Are the apps fit with the operating system? and many more things. There are so many apps that work flawlessly on Windows but crash on Linux (and vice versa). So, it wholly depends on the needs and wants of the clients.


Whatever you want to choose for your business, it completely depends on your requirements. Out of various options available in the market, one can surely get confused over what is best for business. If you are choosing Windows reseller hosting services for your business, you can definitely get what you want for your business in a very cost-friendly way.

So, what are you waiting for? choose the best Windows reseller hosting plans from Cloudminister and touch the heights of success without any trouble.

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