How to allow 32-bit applications in windows through IIS?

There might be a 32-bit application that you wish to run on your 64-bit operating system Windows Server. This article summarizes how to allow 32-bit applications to install on Windows Server with the help of the IIS Server. The IIS Server (Internet Information Services) is an extensible web server used to host ASP.NET web applications and static websites.


  • You might come across a website made using 32-bit applications in which case the IIS Server is a handy tool to allow the smooth running of the application.
  • Many simple websites use 32-bit applications for accounting, records, student fee slips generation, marking of attendance, etc.
  • It also gets rid of some of the Server/Application issues that you come across.
  • Microsoft’s IIS is an official tool that also allows you to manage websites and associated users with a simple-to-use GUI.


  • Windows Device on which you wish to turn on 32-bit application support
  • Windows Server
  • IIS Server


Let us take a look at few steps of allow-32-bit applications in windows through IIS:

Step -1:

Log in to your Windows Server

Step -2:

Click on Start-> Search for IIS Manager and open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager Application


windows server


Step -3:

Select Application Pools -> Right Click on the Application Pools for which you wish to enable 32-bit application support

Step -4:

Click on Advanced Settings, a window pops up

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Step -5::

Under the General Tab, Select Enable 32-bit applications and change its value from False to True in the drop-down list.


windows server

Step -6::

Click on OK

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Follow the steps carefully and make sure you do not change any other setting without proper knowledge.


In this article, we have shared information on what the IIS server is and what it does. We have shown you quick and easy steps to allow the running of websites built on 32-bit applications on your Windows Server with the help of the IIS Server.

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