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Dedicated Server Hosting

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

When space in physical hardware at the server is allocated to store the code of your website, it is known as Web Hosting. When an entire server is dedicated solely to your website, it is called Dedicated Web Server Hosting. Dedicated Hosting is expensive as compared to Shared or VPS Hosting plans, as the physical server is either shared with others or divided among different users in those plans. The dedicated Hosting method is mostly preferred by large business houses. There is room for full customization and enough bandwidth to handle heavy traffic.

Consider it like owning a plot of land and building your own independent house on it. It costs more as compared to an apartment but everything can be adjusted as per your requirement.

Why have Dedicated Server Hosting?

  • Exclusive Resources:

You have permanent control over all the resources. There are dedicated RAM, CPU, and Disk space for you. The whole physical hardware is yours and there is no sharing. You get the best performance even when traffic goes high.

E.g. you have an independent garden, terrace, and parking space in your home all for you.

  • Security:

In shared hosting, even a hacking attack on other websites can affect your website. A ‘Denial of Service attack on someone else’s site can bring down your platform too on a Shared server. A VPS is better than Shared Hosting but you are still sharing a physical space with other websites and that makes you somewhat vulnerable. Dedicated Hosting is way more secure than both.

E.g. you can lock the gates of your home and no one can enter without permission.

  • Customization:

You decide what configurations, processing power, storage capacity you want. No need to go with a pre-defined plan. Also, you can change the plan as your business needs change. You decide what software will run on the server

E.g. you need a separate room for study and a large balcony in your home? You are the one to decide.

  • Service:

Most hosting providers also provide good service support with the hosting considering the nature and cost of having a client who has a dedicated server space.

E.g. the builder will listen to all your requirements for your home, after all, you are a big customer.

Why not have Dedicated Server Hosting?

  • Cost:

Dedicated is the most expensive type of hosting service. You need to justify this cost and have huge traffic on your website to get a return on investment.

E.g. No one would want to spend money on a large home for a single person unless.

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  • Management:

With great power, comes great responsibility. You have to constantly monitor and maintain the server.

E.g., In a hostel, the water supply is the responsibility of the authorities. Now, in your home, you have to regularly check the connections yourself.

Of course, you can have Managed Dedicated Hosting where the service provider does the maintenance stuff but it might cost a little extra.

Factors to take care of while choosing Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated Hosting

Since Dedicated Hosting is all customizable by you, you need to have a clear idea of what specifications and requirements you want in your dedicated server.

Operating System

Linux is a secure and economical open-source platform compatible with MySQL and PHP whereas Windows Hosting works on Windows as the Operating System and works on technologies such ASP, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL), Microsoft Access, etc. which in a few cases might require licenses to work on.

Disk Space

Space the server that stores the content website is known as disk space. How much space do you require? It depends on the purpose of the business and the content on the websites. Videos, software, games, text, all require different Disk Space

RAM & Processing Power

Suppose yours is a website that involves heavy algorithms of Machine Learning or Big Data. You will need to have high specifications of RAM & CPU to cater to that requirement.

Hardware Quality

You have chosen one dedicated space to store your company’s data, financial transactions and paying a good price so it remains dedicated to you. It will be good to ensure that the hardware is robust enough to handle all that responsibility and the heavy traffic you expect on your website.


Bandwidth refers to the magnitude of data that is exchanged between the user and your website at a specific time. It basically refers to the speed of data transfer.

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It’s better if you have an idea of the expected traffic on the website and how the user will interact with the data on the website. This is a crucial aspect that then decides on how you design the structure of the website.


Dedicated Servers can be scalable but it is a little difficult compared to VPS Hosting. Choose a plan that will make it easy for you to configure the specifications of the Hosting as it changes with your business.


A service provider will probably help you at priority since you are a big client but if you already have an idea of what level of support you need, this will be additionally beneficial for both you and the hosting provider.


A Dedicated Server Hosting is not for everyone. But, it is required for large corporations that mostly come under the following categories-:

  • High Traffic Website
  • Involve Confidential Financial Data
  • Popular gaming/streaming platform
  • Platform with use of large complex algorithms & require huge data

Sites like the ones mentioned above are ideally suited for Dedicated Server Hosting. And unless you specifically deal in Microsoft applications, a Linux dedicated server hosting will fulfill your requirement.

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