How to Configure Hostname SSL with Let's Encrypt in CWP

How to configure hostname SSL with Let’s Encrypt in CWP?

Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL certificate with the help of this you can secure your hostname easily.

Configure Hostname

Before configure SSL check the hostname and set it with the following command.

# hostname

You can also change the hostname from the CWP panel that is found under server settings, open it and give the hostname then save changes.

Also remember to create entry of particular hosts in the domain registrar with the A record and resolve it with IP_address.

Name Type TTL Target

Host_name A 300 IP_address

Configure Letsencrypt SSL

To configure SSL certificate open CWP panel and search SSL certificates under WebServer settings and open it.

Now click on Install from server option and select certificate: hostname.cert and User: user_name after then click on install.

You can also test it with the help test button in the certificate panel.

These certificate files are used for cwp ports like:

Admin panel – (2030,2086-no SSL),(2031,2087-with SSL)

user panel – (2082-no SSL),(2083-with SSL)

Roundcube- (2095-no SSL),(2096-with SSL)

CONCLUSION- From the above configuration, you will be able to configure the CWP admin panel and other services along with the certificate.

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