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How to Migrate C panel to Plesk on Plesk & configure it?

1.> Login the Plesk panel in browser & then after click on extension which was at left sidebar & then after search Plesk migrator & then after install it freely & then after open it. After click on start new migration.


2.> After select the panel type i.e Cpanel & then fill all the boxes with correct information which are shown in the image. Then after click on “prepare migration” & then wait for few seconds & the migration is complete.

3.> After the new page is come i.e list of subscriptions. In this page, we select the contents which we want to migrate & objects of migration. After scroll down & then click on migrate & then wait for few sec & the migration will start automatically.


4.> After click on Re-sync which was shown at the right side in migration result & the after select the last 3 points which shown in image & then click on OK.


5.> Finally, the cpanel is migrated to plesk panel & then after go to the website & domain & see the result.

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