How to Change or Choose Multi PHP Version in CWP Panel

In this article, we will be talking about, How to change PHP version in cwp panel or choose multi PHP in cwp panel

CWP is a World Leading advanced Free and PRO web hosting panel that gives you all the flexibility to effectively and efficiently manage your server and clients.

1. Login in the Linux VPS hosting cwp panel with root user credentials.

2. In the left-hand side navigation bar choose the PHP setting.

3. First check your PHP version choose the PHP info option.

4. Choose the PHP version switcher option and select your PHP version

5. Click the save & rebuild option and wait some minutes for the new PHP version
6. You can check logs of PHP installation using “tail -f /var/log/php-rebuild.log”

Note:- if you want use multi PHP in Linux VPS Server on CWP panel you require the pro version

Conclusion:- In this blog, you learn how to change the PHP settings in the Linux server management service on CWP panel.

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