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For those ‘Getting Started’

  • Host a single website
  • 40 GB Webspace
  • 10 E-mail IDs
  • 150 GB Bandwidth



For those ‘Getting Started’

  • Host a single website
  • 40 GB Webspace
  • 10 E-mail IDs
  • 150 GB Bandwidth



For those ‘Getting Started’

  • Host a single website
  • 40 GB Webspace
  • 10 E-mail IDs
  • 150 GB Bandwidth

Cloud Minister is a partner of Google Cloud.

So, when you buy G Suite from Cloud Minister Technologies, you get G Suite at the same price as Google and at the same time, Cloud Minister Technologies helps you with assisted migration and deployment.


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How to proceed ?

Firstly, choose a plan & go with buy now 

Choose name of domain 

Select the number of email IDs & users you want 

Finalize decision and make payment with our secure servers 

Now you receive a mail with all the details and now you are free to use Google Apps. 

Reason for choosing G Suite for Business


With the G Suite, you can get better productivity results in the business. There are different types of tools added to g suite business pricing & service plans. Some of these reasons are – 

Here, you are able to get a professional email address that represents your domain name mail (for example: [email protected]). For getting connected with clients and employees, you can enjoy the feature of video calling with Google Hangouts. 


  • Complete email services on domain 


Having a professional email address with google will become a reason for getting the trust of customers. With it, you are capable of creating different types of groups as per the business requirements. The users can create professional emails as per the company departments such as – [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and so on. 


  • Conduct meetings 


With these services, you can conduct business meetings with HD video resolutions with ease. Here, Google Hangouts is used and you are able to conduct a meeting with up to 15 participants at a time. For making it more effective, there are different types of features available such as – mute function for avoiding noise. 


  • Smart meeting schedules


You can share a common calendar on the servers. It helps in getting details about the availability of employees. As a result, you are capable of scheduling the meetings accordingly. As a result, the meeting and other schedules of employees are never going to clash. 

The users are capable of storing lots of data on Google Drive and with it, sharing data is also becoming easier here. If we focus on the storage space then it is 30 GB to 1 TB. By choosing such an option, you can keep all the files stored in one place only. 


  • Get storage space as per requirements


All businesses have different requirements for storage space. In the G Suite, the interested ones have lots of options for all these things. Mainly the availability of space is based on the plan you selected. A basic space of 30 GB is available for all. By accessing the higher plan, you can extend it to 1 TB with ease. 


  • Sync files 


The users are capable of synchronizing complete data with Google Drive. In case you make any kind of changes on the main device, then it is automatically updated on the files available in the drive. 


  • Access all files 


As we know, for accessing different types of files, we need different types of software or sources. In the case of Google Drive, it is not going to happen. You can access files related to all formats without another source. It is one of the best g suite business features.


  • Share and manage


With G Suite services and accessibility, you are capable of managing and sharing all types of files easily & quickly. Can keep the files by enabling the private feature and hide them from all. The users can easily modify settings by allowing editing, view, commenting, download and some other accessibility features. 

In business, companies are required to be focused on teamwork. For it, they need to share work and all the details with everyone. With these services, the companies are capable of creating sheets, documents, and slides with ease. You can share such details with the team and allow them to edit in real-time. All edits and changes are saved on the drive immediately & automatically. 


  • Flexible processing 


The users are capable of accessing, creating and editing word documents only with the help of web browsers. No one needs to access specific applications for all these things. With it, you are able to work with teammates on a single file and at the same time. 


  • Fast and advanced online spreadsheets


The spreadsheets are featured with highly advanced functions and formulas. It will help you in keeping data and doing calculations perfectly. Another main thing is, you can export sheets in other formats such as – .txt, .pdf, .ods, .html, .csv or .xlsx. 


  • Easy survey and form creation


For the business consent of clients is important. It can be possible by considering the option of a survey. With considering G Suite services, you can easily run a survey and get free business email accounts. As a result, you will get some valuable insights from the clients. 

Everyone needs to keep the data secure and properly managed. It provides assistance in several ways such as – avoiding confusion, no mess with information, a secure system and so on. 


  • Security & control


For increasing the security level, you can add 2 step security verification procedures. For the control, you are capable of personalizing the setup and perform activities accordingly. 


  • Deep insight and advanced monitoring 


The users are able to get help from an advanced Google Admin tool for analyzing and monitoring the use of Google Apps in the organization. You can set up alerts on suspicious activities. 


  • Archive email & chats 


For managing emails and chats, you have different features & options such as – export, archive, search and so on. In order to keep things perfect, you can consider the option of Google Vault. 


  • Use Google-powered sources 


You can get help from the Google powered search to find & retrieve the important information. By using this particular method, your legal team will get the required information smartly. 

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