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Digital ocean vs AWS cloud platform : which one will you choose?

Cloud is a platform which provides resources on demand on the basis of pay as you go basis over the internet. It provides benefits to the firm can avoid the cost and maintaining of IT infrastructure by simply pay what they use.

It is an emerging computing technique. Its goal is to provide services over the internet. In recent years internet has develop very fast so data storage and power consumed and hardware requirement is increased. The storage space in data center cannot meet our needs. So to overcome these problems a new concept of cloud  come.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services like server, database, storage and many more. It provides services over the internet. We can use all these services by paying some amount according the service.

Cloud computing basically works on three services:

1 Platform-as-a-service

2 Software-as-a-service

3 Infrastructure-as-a-service

There are many cloud service providers. Here is a list of top five cloud service providers:

1 Microsoft Azure.

2 Amazon Web Services (AWS)

3 Google Cloud.

4 Alibaba Cloud.

5 IBM Cloud.

Today we will take a look of comparison between “DIGITAL OCEAN and AWS”.

What is Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is an American company which is simple cloud service provider. It provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for software developers. It allows us to create multiple server using same account. It provides developer friendly platform with high speed. Digital Ocean is ideal choice for those people who provides Reliable hosting services on shared environment.

It is a unique cloud service provider which offers services so to business so that can scale their application that can run across multiple servers without compromising their performance.


It is easy to set up and provide support on various operating server

2 It has User friendly management interface

3 It is very easy to learn because it provides much better official documentation then other cloud providers.

4 Its pricing strategy is much good as they provide Cheap Linux VPS services at much low price.


1 There is a security issue in ssh host keys.

2 It has little bit low regions as compare to AWS

3 It does not have Storage Area network

4 You cannot install the system by yourself

5 It does not provide proper addressed of errors and bugs

What is Amazon web server (AWS)

AWS is a cloud service from amazon. It is a platform which offers flexible, reliable. It allows us to increase or decrease our storage as per our requirement. AWS provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

AWS is world leading cloud provider who provides many of the services over one click. There speed of service is quite high. AWS has data center in many regions so that they can speed up their services


1 Due to user friendly interface of AWS management console it is very simple to use.

2 One of the key benefits of AWS is its security. It is much capable to handle our information safe


1 AWS provide limited resources on region basis . so it can determine how many resources you will have access.

2 It has little bit confusing bill portal mainly for the non-technical person

Digital Ocean Vs. Amazon

1 Digital Ocean only provide infrastructure as a service(IAAS) but AWS provides Platform as a service(PAAS), Infrastructure as a service(IAAS) as well as Software as a service(SAAS).

2 Digital Ocean is mostly suitable for small application and developers but AWS is capable for large application also.

3 Digital Ocean is simple cloud service provider but AWS is platform that is more reliable, capable and also cost effective cloud computing solution.

4 Digital Ocean allow us to manage database and operating system but AWS controls everything except applications so we don’t have to do anything to control it is automatically done by AWS.

5 Digital Ocean is not compatible with Microsoft windows operating system, it only supports linux. On the other hand AWS is compatible with all operating system.

6 Digital Ocean has mobile friendly user interface but AWS server does not have mobile friendly user interface.

7 Digital Ocean is for those who want SQL instance but AWS is for DEVOPS professional who don’t have time to install and update.

8 Digital Ocean sells managed VPS servers with flexible billing. Due to large no of user uses Digital Ocean is developers so it provides not much variety of services. On the other hand AWS provides services in every aspect.


So we conclude that Digital Ocean cannot be consider a competitor of AWS in any condition. AWS is the best solution for cloud services.

However if someone is looking for cost effective services then Digital Ocean is no doubt good option but if we need multiple services then AWS is the best solution.

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