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How to Send Mass Mail in Plesk panel?

1) Login to Plesk admin panel.

2) Click the icon Tools & settings.

3) Click the icon Mass Email Messages from Tools & Resources.

4) Click the icon Add Mass Email Template.

5) fill all the details and click OK button.

6) New mass email message template has been created.


How to Set Cron Job in Plesk panel?


Setting up a scheduled task or a Cron in Plesk panel is an important thing you should be looking for. There are numerous performance and accessibility benefits of adding up a Cron (scheduled task) in Plesk. In case you are not aware of the correct procedure of adding up the scheduled task, here is the detailed step-by-step guide to setting up a Cron Job in Plesk Panel

Guide to Creating a Cron Task in Plesk Panel 

Depending on the version of Plesk you are using, you may experience some differences in adding up Cron Job. However, the following guide can be extremely beneficial for you with some small design tweaks. Follow the procedure, and you will end up setting a Cron Job flawlessly.

Step 1: Log in to your Plesk account by entering the username and password

Step 2: Once logged in, you can navigate to the “Websites & Domains” panels to proceed further

Step 3:  Here, search for “Scheduled Tasks.” Click on it 

Step 4: Here, you can see the option like “Add Task,” “Refresh,” “Remove,” and “Settings.”

Setting Up Cron Job in Plesk Panel

Step 5: Click on “Add Task”

Step 6: Here, you can add a variety of tasks depending on your needs. 

Step 7: The four types of tasks that you can add here are “Command,” “Fetch a URL,” and “Run a PHP Script.”

Step 8: Click on the desired task type and then fill in all the tasks; you can also select an email id to get notifications about the job.  

Step 9: Once done, click on “OK” to add the Cron Task

After successfully setting up the Cron task, you will get a popup saying, “The Scheduled task/Cron was successfully updated.” In case, you still face any problem, one can get Plesk support to overcome it conveniently.

Setting Up Cron Job in Plesk Panel

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So, these were the detailed nine steps to create a new Scheduled task in Plesk. Even if you are not too fluent in working with Plesk and its interface, this simple guide can correctly help you schedule the tasks. So, try your hands on these steps and create a perfectly defined Cron in Plesk

How to Update the Webmail Version in the Plesk Panel?


Plesk distributes a version of the mailable standard edition as part of its comprehensive provisional platform. Those using mail enable in a Plesk environment may wish to upgrade the standard edition version with Plesk. They may also want to upgrade to professional, Enterprise, and premium versions for enhanced features.  This article explains the options available to ensure you are wishing. 

Plesk has advised mailable that version 9 of mailable integrates with Plesk without any known issues. MailEnable’s testing confirms this. Version 10 of the mailable has been released. The standard upgrading version is at no charge and can be completed at any time. In case, you find any issue while upgrading webmail, then one can conveniently reach windows server support to resolve it in the flick of seconds.


Update Webmail Version in Plesk Panel

Step 1 – Login to Plesk

Type in your username and password and then click login. If you want to see the Plesk interface in a specific language,  select it from the interface language menu before logging in. 

Step  2 – Tools & Settings

After login, you will find the menu option on the left side; from these, select the “Tools & Settings” option.

Step 3 – System Updates

After selecting the tools & Settings on the right side, you will find various options. Search for server management and Select system updates options over there. 

Update Webmail Version in Plesk Panel

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Step 4 – Select webmail software

After that, you have to select the needed webmail software that you want to install and then press. 

For Linux – Select Horde and Round cube.

For windows – Select mailable and Horde.

You can search whatever version you want in the search engine. By these steps, you can update the mail version in the Plesk panel.

Upgrade to a professional or Enterprise version requires a paid license key, which should be bought from mailable directly.  After purchasing the license key and applying it, the functionality of the updated version will be unlocked.

How to install free SSL certificate in Plesk panel?


SSL certificate is an essential part of your domain or website. It is also the most reliable sign for the visitor to visit your website. Most of the time, you need to pay to install an SSL certificate. However, you can also install a free SSL certificate within a few steps. It isn’t that tough to perform this task.

There are a few steps that you need to follow carefully to install an SSL certificate in the Plesk panel or your domain.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1-  First, go to the Plesk panel here. You will find various options on the page. In the left top corner, you will have the 1st option, “website & Domain”. Select these options, and you will appear to the various options on your screen.


Install Free SSL Certificate in Plesk Panel

Step 2 – Here on the new options, find the column dashboard and below security option. Under the security options, you will find the “SSL/TLS certificate” select this option

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Step 3 –  You are almost done. To install the free SSL certificate, you have selected the SSL/TLS certificate options, and then you will appear to side notification of Let’s encrypt. This page will help you to encrypt your certificate authority CA which allows you to install SSL/TLS certificate on your domain or plex panel. Fill your email address below in the box and down their select the 1st option stating Secure the wildcard domain and press “Get it free”.


Install Free SSL Certificate in Plesk Panel

You don’t have to do anything as the let’s encrypt free SSL certificate will be validating until 90 days automatically. It also assists in upgrading your website or domain’s security, which also attracts more visitors.

You have successfully installed best free SSL certificate on your domain or website with full security.

How to set active session in Plesk panel

In this  task we  learn how to enable session in Plesk panel. This know as how much time any user can log on stay on panel when the selected time is over then session terminated automatically. Let’s start now  Tools & settings –> Active Plesk session 

In next step just click on session settings for new user session duration.

Here you can set any user session within hours or minutes as well.


How to manage mail queue in Plesk?

Step 1.Login on plesk panel & then click on “Tools & settings” which was at left sidebar.


Step 2. After find the “mail server setting” & then click on it.

Step 3. After click on “mail queue” tab & then click on clear.

Note:- If you cannot send e-mail through your mail server, this can mean that your mail server is overcharged and cannot cope with the amount of received messages. This can happen when somebody is sending spam messages through your mail server or the e mail-send daemon responsible for sending mail is down. In such cases, accessing the mail queue manually can help you to figure out and clear out the potential sources of such an issue.

How to Install Plesk Linux based System

Plesk is enterprise level Reliable Linux VPS server hosting web panel which provide very useful tools for user end as well as for developer or system admin end. This web panel is very easy to host website and web application. It also provide features of reseller , vendor for web server as well as for e-mail services and mostly useful for DNS entries on the server.

Here you have to follow some steps to install Plesk on your server few of them are given below;

1- Perquisites 
2- Installing Plesk 
3- Verify on browser 

Perquisites: First of all you require fresh OS and  must have to check your system server configuration by follow some commands which given below

a)-  yum update (For centos server)
apt update  (For Ubuntu server)
b)-  cat /etc/os-release  (For checking os)
c)-  netstat -tunlp (For checking ports)
d)- df -h (For checking disk space)
e)- free -h (For checking ram space)
f)- yum install wget (For centos server)
g)- apt install wget (For Ubuntu)

Installing Plesk: Now came to point start installing  plesk on server. Here you must have to follow some steps as I do

#   wget https://autoinstall.plesk.com/plesk-installer
#   chmod +x plesk-installer
 ./plesk-installer –web-interface

Installation is complete here and have to move next step  for log in Plesk panel  Here we only need
Username: root
Password: which is same as system root password

After log in into panel we see panel screen here several options present implementing in website hosting.



How to create private name server in plesk panel

Today task is to set up private name server in plesk panel. so let’s start todays session click on website & Domain –> Hosting & DNS

Next click on name server (ns1.kazakhculturalcentre.com , ns2.kazakhculturalcentre.com) if you already have then change if you not set any name server then click add record  and select NS (name server) record type

As per your requirement you can modify your private name server.

How to change hostname and set Nat in plesk panel

Today we are talking about how to change server hostname or set nat in plesk panel. So let’s start now click on

Tools &  settings –> server settings

After edit hostname click OK (save successfully) and here you can change multiple settings.

Now we move towards  Nat set with shared ip or with private ip let’s start Tools & settings –> ip adress

Now just click on add ip

After this click OK (save)

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